Tuesday 27 December 2016

Currently Exhibiting.... Modern Art Gallery, 130 West Main Street, Whitburn

There are a number of my newer works on exhibition at this, as its title implies, modern art gallery, along with limited edition prints and some postcards. Ive always found that there is no substitute for seeing artworks in the flesh as it were. Although we have very fine digital images to help us get an idea of a painting we really cant connect with art until we've met face to face to find out if we like each other and are going to get along. This is probably partly because art is so subjective to each individual viewer and also depends on what we are in the mood for at time of viewing. Personally I enjoy the rotation system where I will change what is on display occasionally, although I do have some seemingly timeless favourites that stay put and are never substituted.

Modern Art Whitburn

Monday 26 December 2016

Experimental Colours

Lavender 2
This painting is number 2 in a series of 3. The paint used is from the Daniel Smith range of watercolour paints. There is an amazing irridescent quality to selected colours which in certain lights is very vibrant and interesting. This particular work is on display at the Modern Art Gallery, West Main Street, Whitburn. Art can conjure fond memories and for me this one is evocative of warm French summers with the heat of the sun releasing the fragrances into the air for all to enjoy.

Saturday 30 January 2016

Latest Paintings

I know I've not posted anything in a while but here are some of my newer paintings!
Birchwood - Watercolour
Beadnell Bay - Watercolour
Yacht, Ile D'oleron - Watercolour - SOLD
Twin Falls - Acrylic
Survivor - Acrylic